PerfTractor - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below FAQs before you start using PerfTractor tools.

PerfTractor is a suite of simple tools which helps performance testers and managers. You can compare the performance testing tools pricing and application performance monitoring pricing details. Also, it supports following calculators: how many Vusers do you need, how many unique test you need, how much pacing do you need, and how many load generators you may need for your performance testing.

There are more than 50 tools and solutions listed in PerfTractor. If I stumble upon any tools, I will be listing it immediately.

Yes and No. I update the pricing at least monthly once. If the tool pricing changed in between my update, then PerfTractor is not responsible :). Pricing is just for a reference and may not be accurate. These pricing excludes any corporate offers, discounts, promo offers etc.

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