Perf Esteemate

Perf Esteemate is a simple tool which helps you to plan your performance testing budget with in 60 seconds.

Points to remember:

  • Currently you can estimate for web applications (end-to-end performance).
  • Enter the inputs responsibly to get a ball park esteemate. E.g. if you are looking for mobile application performance testing, enter the scripts and select only mobile application in in-scope.

What is included in the esteemation?

  • Under the hood, we considered 3 iterations of testing.
  • Following are the areas considered for the esteemation: Understanding the application and its architecture, Workload analysis and design, test scripting, test data setup, unit testing, test execution, result analysis, documentation, and communication.
  • Following are the areas NOT considered for the esteemation: Application unavailabity/downtime due to performance/functional issues, delay in getting the test environment, setting up the tool or center of excellence, test environment sizing or configuration, defect management process, and other activities.

Perf Esteemate now!

Is performance testing practice new to your organization?

Is your application functionally stable?

What type of performance testing tool you have?

Do you have application performance monitoring solution like Dynatrace, AppDynamics, New Relic et al?

What type of architecture your application being built on?

Which protocols your application supports?

Enter the split of each scripts.

What type of testing you need to perform?

What is in scope?

Do you want us to generate test data?

Do you need customized performance test report?

When do you want to start?

How soon you want to complete the testing?

Important Note: Below esteemate is only a ball point. Final negotiations must be made with the vendor.